Screencasts on Fedora Packager for Eclipse: Vol 3, Initiating Koji Builds

Fedora Packager for Eclipse brings Fedora RPM packaging tools into Eclipse. Think of it as a GUI for fedpkg 🙂 In two earlier posts, I’ve shown you how you can import Fedora Git projects into Eclipse and how to prepare a brand new Fedora package suitable to be submitted for review. This screencast shows you how you can initiate Koji builds for your packages.

Those of you who don’t know what Koji is it’s the system Fedora uses for building the RPMs for the distro in a well defined environment. All packages shipped in Fedora get built that way. You’ll also see in the screencast how can you swiftly initiate Koji builds for secondary architectures, such as ARM and PowerPC (it’s about 4 minutes into the screencast). It’s a brand new feature coming with our next 0.4 release of Fedora Packager for Eclipse. With this implemented, adding user defined Koji instances to the available list in Fedora Packager for Eclipse is as easy as implementing the


extension point. Cool stuff! Many kudos to Andrew Robinson for implementing this.

You can test-drive the upcoming version by downloading the Fedora Packager for Eclipse 0.4 RPM from Koji (produced via an SRPM based scratch-build as shown in the screencast). And here it is (OGV format):



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