Fedora Packager for Eclipse 0.2 released

The Fedora Packager for Eclipse development team is proud to announce our 0.2 release. What’s Fedora Packager for Eclipse? I’m glad you asked. In a nutshell it can be seen as an IDE for Fedora packaging. It helps you creating RPM packages for Fedora. Some might call it a GUI for fedpkg, although we don’t use it under the covers πŸ˜‰ A picture says more than a thousand words. Here is a screenshot:

Fedora Packager for Eclipse Screenshot

Fedora Packager for Eclipse Screenshot

This release includes a lot of new cool features and even more bug-fixes and usability improvements. So what is it that’s new in Fedora Packager for Eclipse you ask? Here is a brief run-down of the coolest new features:

  • Local Fedora RPM project support
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • SRPM based Koji scratch builds
  • Improved mock based builds.
  • SRPM import
  • Better Bodhi integration

For a more detailed list of new features and bug-fixes see our release notes. Our updated Fedora Packager for Eclipse user guide explains new and old features in detail. Fedora Packager for Eclipse 0.2 will be part of the upcoming Fedora 16 release. Can’t wait? Get it right now from rawhide (note that you will have to upgrade to Eclipse Indigo from rawhide for it to work):

$ sudo yum update --enablerepo=rawhide eclipse-fedorapackager

If you already have Eclipse Indigo you can alternatively install it from our p2 repository. Get it while it’s hot πŸ™‚ We look forward to your feedback and hope you’ll like it! Many kudos to everyone involved making this our best release so far. Enjoy!


One response to “Fedora Packager for Eclipse 0.2 released

  1. Andrew Overholt

    Great work! I’m looking forward to using this in F-16. Welcome to Planet Fedora, BTW!

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